Sunday, April 20, 2008

While We Were Out

On Friday, Mary and I came home to this ~

That morning, Scott took the training wheels off Sam's bike, and in the time it took to put air in Charlie's tires, Sam figured out how to ride! He is so amazing! 5 1/4 years old and riding a two-wheeler on his first attempt.

Charlie learned how to make an omelette this week. He treated me to a denver omelette Saturday morning - delicious! I'm so proud of them both.

Earlier in the week, Grandpa and Pam took them to Wabasha, Minnesota to watch eagles. They stayed at the Historic Anderson House Hotel and slept with Arnold. This is actually where Charlie learned to make the omelette - they ate at the Sunday brunch and he asked the chef there to show him how. Throughout the week Pam also cooked, cleaned and taxied the boys about - what a blessing!

Even though they visited us in the hospital most days, it was a long week away and I missed them fiercely. I'm so happy to have all my babes within arm's reach once again.

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MaPi said...

From riding bikes to riding the the thin line...I'm glad to see that he develops so quickly. I guess he thought driving couldn't be so tough.