Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party Time

We celebrated Charlie's birthday with the family today. He's so cool~
One of the benefits of having a birthday that follows Easter~

Mary's a hotshot~
Sharing with Uncle Dan~
Look at Mary's expression - it takes a lot of concentration to dissolve that ice cream cake~

Charlie has been begging to use deoderant - he insists he needs it (he doesn't)~

He's growing into such a nice young man. He's a hard worker, and very polite. He takes good care of his baby sister and looks out for his brother. We are so proud of him~
It was a nice day (we never know what we're going to get this time of year). We still have to plan his friend party - Charlie wants a sleepover this year (yikes!).

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Marmee March said...

Congratulations on having avoided the sleepover party for so long. Ha!