Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sam, my funny, smart, sweet middle child, is 7 today! I remember so clearly the first moment I held him after he was born. He was so soft and round and pink. Now he's the boy I play board games with on Thursday afternoons, and the one who "announces" entire baseball games while playing catch with himself in the family room. Here he is holding his prized Bakugan picture that Charlie "bought" for him with his tickets yesterday at Enchanted Castle~And with his birthday pancakes before church~
Always the generous, patient big brother - giving Mary a chance to blow out his candle~
My handsome seven year old~
After church we met Grandma at 2 Toots in Glen Ellyn, for Sam's birthday surprise lunch~
Mary is pretty excited about this place, too. But what I really love in this picture is Charlie's sweet, satisfied expression in the background~
Sam was delighted with his old-fashioned milkshake~
Even more fun - your food comes to you by train~
The food was actually pretty good; typical diner fare~
It's really cute here. There is even a pony to ride, which only costs a quarter~
Happy Birthday Sam! Seven really is heaven~

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