Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here, In the Gates

"Without a home in a barren wasteland, five orphaned sisters receive a merciful gift. A thousand years later, their legend inspires a remnant of exiled Jews. Spies threaten the lives of the sisters’ descendants and their ancient home. Will fear unravel their desires?"
Charlie played Hananiah in the Greenhouse play tonight. It was a very big role, and he nailed it~
Of course he's a natural - it runs in the family. Prince Baccarratti, of Space Patrol fame, is his maternal great-grandfather. ~
I am so proud of him~
Charlie is also subbing for a student who is overwhelmed for a second performance. He is giving up participating in the AWANA games to do so. It is a very generous gift of himself to the Greenhouse and the other student. But he's doing so happily and with a humble spirit~
He is a loving brother, and an excellent role model~
All photos, except the last one, are courtesy of Jean F.

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Anonymous said...

You have yourself one awesome kid. Actually, you have three great kids!