Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never Cry Wolf

We took another trip to Big Run Wolf Ranch today. This time Mary was old enough to really enjoy all the animals~
John with Wilson, an adorable little groundhog~
Some of our friends from ROCK and LHE joined us~
Mahala, a sweet coyote~
While it's fascinating to just look at all the animals, John does a good job sharing facts, too. Here he's explaining why a wolf's jaw is the way it is, and how it's useful for hunting~

Mary loved the baby chicks~
It's really cool to be able to be this up close~

Showing off her teeth~
The wolves serenaded us a bit~
This time we didn't have anyone brave enough to feed her thin mints~
And everyones favorite, the pups~
Although, climbing on a rock is always fun, too~

I'm not sure what this it, but isn't he homely?
There really is so much to see here. It's worth the drive. And definitely worth setting up a field trip, rather than going to one of the open houses. It's a few dollars more per person, but worth every penny to avoid the hundreds of people that show up for those.
They are checking out Bloo, a Canadian lynx~
I really think the kids could have spent hours with the pups. The pups can't handle all that attention for too long though~
I can't recommend this place enough! The kids can't wait to go back next year.


Nicki said...

I would really LOVE to go there some time! I adore animals, and so does Little Bear. Pufferfish does too, but Little BEar wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up!

Chris said...

This post reminded me again to make a date to go here. It looks like an awesome place!fidia