Thursday, June 2, 2011

No stupid questions...

Mary has lots of funny phrases, but she's outgrown a few that I want to remember~

Nookie = Milkie

When playing "Slug Bug" she'll call out (without having seen a VW Beetle), "Sug bug - green (or whatever color she chooses) one - I got it guys!

We have a jar in our kitchen that is collecting money every time anyone says, "stupid, shut up, whatever, shouts, or swears. The one we all have the most trouble with is , "whatever". If Mary hears you she is quick to say, "aw - fifty cents! haha - burn!"

And lastly, she has started, while I am reading aloud to them, saying, "I have an answer" meaning she has a question. But she must have heard me ask the boys if they know the answer to questions while we're home schooling. It's really cute.

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