Saturday, February 23, 2008

If You Build It

Charlie entered a Lego construction contest today. It was sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction. He competed against 35 other children in 1st through 6th grades. Each child was given 100 assorted Legos and given 1 hour to create whatever they wanted. Charlie designed a crane and demolition site.

He won first place!

Charlie said he thought he might win 3rd place and when they announced the 3rd place winner, and it wasn't him, he was disappointed because he figured he was out of the running completely. When they announced 1st place, they did it by site number, and it took him a few seconds to realize they meant him. He was so surprised and happy.

I actually wept tears of joy when he told me. This is just the bright spot our family needs right now.

Charlie won a $100 savings bond, and will advance to the next level of competition. Grandpa and Pam took our whole family out for a celebratory dinner. We are bursting with pride!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Great job, Charlie! The other kids had great projects and ideas but your project captured the whole concept. It showed great creativity and imagination. I could actually imagine the crane moving and knocking down the buildings. It must have been hard to figure out how to balance the stone without the legos toppling over. I am so happy for you!! Love, Grandma

katbac said...

that is SO COOL! gabi, how did you hear about this contest? that is great! congratulations, charlie!!