Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stormy Weather

Last night around 7:30, Sam and Charlie came running downstairs to say we had to hide in the basement. Scott was right behind saying the tornado warning siren was going off. I rolled my eyes and called Emily to get the scoop (we have no TV reception so couldn't watch the news). She confirmed that a tornado had been sighted. Amid Sam's crying, I stepped outside to check things out. There were lots of jokes about being in the eye of the hurricane, since it was completely calm. We went back inside, and a few minutes later, our power went out. We had no power for about 12 hours. We played a game of Sorry before heading off to bed. The next morning we went outside to check the damage.

Our poor neighbor (2 doors down) had a tree go through his roof, ending up in the middle of his living room, destroying a bearing wall. There were lots of downed trees all along the street. Thankfully, we only had a few shingles get blown up on our roof.
Today, Charlie, Sam and Scott are heading to Great America with Uncle Mark.
We really need to get a generator - my biggest worry was the insulin we have in the fridge.

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