Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rock On

Anyone remember Stryper? A couple of weeks ago, for a friend's birthday party, Charlie attended his very first rock concert. He had a blast, and better yet, while there, he won a free ticket to another concert. Tonight, Scott, Sam, and Charlie, along with a couple of friends, partied at the Superchick "Rock What You Got" show. They had an awesome time, even meeting some of the opening bands! Here they are with Article One ~
They also chilled with A Road Less Traveled ~
While the boys were rockin' out, Mary and I were enjoying our second bi-annual soup exchange~
There were some substitute chefs, this time, but the soup was all really delicious. Emily brewed a flavorful potato-leek soup. Tracy brought tasty tortellini (there's a clever rhyme bursting to get out of that sentence). Tammy wowed us all with her cream of chicken and wild rice. Kylene shared her scrumptious broccoli cheddar. Janelle joined us and brought her hearty chicken with homemade dumplings. Katie made soup for the first time ever - yummy Indian Tomato. And I rounded it out with a creamy pumpkin soup. We had fun sampling everyone's recipes, and even more fun playing Two Truths and A Lie. There are quite a few skeletons in these ladies' closets...
I can't wait, once again, to pull an easy lunch or dinner out of the freezer, to warm us in the cold months ahead.

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