Sunday, January 27, 2008

soup du jour

Tonight I hosted a soup exchange with 6 women. We each brought 6 6-cup containers of our best homemade potage to share with one another. If I had my act together, I would have taken a photo of each bowl when we were sampling (alas, I had a snuggly baby in my arms the whole night!). We also enjoyed homemade bread, delicious salad, and wine, plenty of wine. It really was a very nice evening. And filling. I can't wait to pull some yummy soup out of the freezer on my next too-overwhelming-to-cook day.

There was corn chowder, tomato dill, kielbasa bean, pumpkin mushroom curry, chicken tortilla, African peanut, and old fashioned chicken noodle. Thanks, ladies.

"Do you have a kinder, more adaptable friend in the food world than soup? Who soothes you when you are ill? Who refuses to leave you when you are impoverished and stretches its resources to give a hearty sustenance and cheer? Who warms you in the winter and cools you in the summer? Yet who also is capable of doing honor to your richest table and impressing your most demanding guests? Soup does its loyal best, no matter what undignified conditions are imposed upon it. You don't catch steak hanging around when you're poor and sick, do you?" Judith Martin (Miss Manners)

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Anonymous said...

How about posting the recipes? There are some hungry people out there that could use some kind and soothing soup. I hope the six of you are very full, comfortable and healthy while the rest of us are just plain hungry and in need of warming.