Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year in Review

I read 57 books this year. Not bad. I read aloud 24 chapter books (to Charlie) and countless picture books (to Sam). Charlie loved, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Merlin's Mistake and Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet. Of course, Charlie can read his own books (and he does - he read approximately 20 short novels himself this year), but thanks to Jim Trelease, I realize that children are never too old to listen to their parents read to them, and actually greatly benefit from hearing the spoken word in story form. Some of Sam's favorites included, So Much, Yuck, A Love Story and Baby in a Basket, which is out of print - so if you ever see a copy of this book for less than $10, grab it for me please. If I had to choose one book to recommend it would have to be Night, by Elie Wiesel. When I finished this book, I put it down and had to spend some time seriously contemplating, and praying. I think every person should read this book, at least once. But for a memoir of a less overwhelming sort, try A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Dave Eggers is funny, and if you're like me, you'll appreciate the (tiny) reference to Chicago 'burbs.

And now, because I just want to try and remember the highlights, and am not in the mood for attempting witty:

January -
Daddy and Grandpa got their mojo (I am such a dork!) working with Buddy Guy.
Sam celebrated his birthday on the train with friends, and watching the Bears choke in the Superbowl on the actual day, with family. We should have written a letter to the McCaskey family, asking them for some tickets to make up for the fact that they made a 4 year old cry on his birthday! Fun times.

February -
I don't remember much about February, except, oh yeah, I ovulated, and got pregnant!

March -
INHOME Conference. Memphis. Told the boys about the baby in the Blues City Cafe. What did we do in Memphis, anyway? I really can't remember, its all part of that early pregnancy fog... Oh yes, now I remember. We went through the Pink Palace Museum and caught a great exhibition game with two major league teams. And Spike Lee was there, too!

April -
Easter Vigil at Rez - please come this year if you are in the area. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Charlie turned 8! Fishing party in the rain. Fun times. No really, that actually was fun.

May -
What happened in May? This recap is looking pretty sparse. I know I was a lot busier than these few lines let on. Well, March was the beginning of my part time job - attending doctors appointments. 6-8 a month. Fun times. Not really - actually they were mostly crying times. But well worth it :) And Charlie, Daddy and Grandpa took their annual fishing trip to Arkansas.

June -
Did we do anything in June? I mean, besides go to the pool ad nauseam?

July -
I got my insulin pump! Fun times. No, not really. We did eat at Praga (try their mushroom soup or crabcakes) to celebrate, though. Mama had the 50th anniversary LLL Conference. And we went to Wisconsin Dells. The boys had a great time. My little water babies. Not really babies anymore, I guess.

August -
Happy Birthday, dear Sco-ott. And me-ee. Last year for Scott in the 30's! Me, on the other hand, have lots of time left here...
Bristol Skin, erm, I mean, Renaissance Faire.
Camping at Sleeping Bear Dunes. In a tent. 7 months pregnant. I'm a trooper, if I do say so myself. However, I did not climb the dunes. Oh wait, I don't do that even when I'm not pregnant.

September -
Cooperstown, NY. The Baseball hall of Fame. Stopped and saw an Indians game on the way there. Drove home from NY in one day. My kids are troopers, too, apparently. Seriously, though. They are excellent drivers. And not in a Rain Man sort of way. I mean, the only complaining that happens on road trips is from me.

October -
In a holding pattern, waiting for Baby to come.
Apple Picking, with chickens! And strangely, no apples...
Some really wonderful friends had a Blessing Way for me. It did not involve a seance. Just delicious diabetic friendly food, relaxing massage and pedicures, thoughtful gifts, including 2 handmade, one -of-a-kind books for the baby-to-be, and amazing company. This year I didn't have to make a breakdancer (read: Disco Village Person) costume for Halloween. Just an easy exterminator's uniform. And Sam was a chicken (bought).

November -
Welcome to the family, Mary! Enjoy the ride...
This is also the month when our family was showered with incredible amounts of love, service and gifts from family and friends. The many prayers said for us really lifted us up during an extremely joyful, yet overwhelmingly anxious time.

December -
After 13 years of loyal service, Daddy was let go from the-company-which-shall-not-be-named. The Carolinas. To see Grandma and Grandpa Reczek. And Gabe. And The Brady's. Lot's of fun had by the boys, while Mary and I snuggled together at home. We stretched out a bit, too. Christmas was spent with mama's extended family at Grandma's house and we rang in the New Year quietly at home while watching Clash of the Titans.

Now. Picture the above, times 10, with a lot more noise, way more mess, some kids squabbling and/or laughing, much playtime-outside and in, some trips to the zoo and various museums, time spent at G and E, and The Greenhouse, and playdates with friends. Some knitting and some chess. A bunch of bruises, several bloody noses, and a trip to urgent care for a painfully infected finger with streaking up an arm. Days of basketball, baseball and soccer, with a bit of bowling, roller and ice skating thrown in for good measure. And sledding. Lots of sledding. Volunteering with LLL and P.A.D.S. Two more trips to Memphis (just the boys), I can't remember what month, although, I do know they were back to back weekend trips! Oh, yes, and a smidge of "academics". That about sums it up.

Here's to 2008!


MaPi said...

I wanted to go to your blessing way. Oh well I guess I'm a little late with my RSVP, so Gesundheit. Yes, I had to find the spelling in Google. Just typed in God bless you in German and it pops back up. And in other languages:

Dieu vous bénisse - French
神のご加護を - Japanese
Dio vi benedica - Spanish
Dios los bendiga-Spanish

mama said...

mapi -

thanks for the help with the homeschool lesson for the day...

Except, I can't figure out how to pronounce the Japanese. Charlie and Sam are going to be sooo multi-lingual, at least when someone sneezes.