Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today is Sam's birthday. He is at such an eager age. He loves to help me with every task - cleaning, cooking. He likes to just be with me. When he wakes up in the morning, he comes padding into the office and climbs onto my lap with an, "I love you, mommy". He likes to play near me, even if I'm not playing with him. I hear him "pshew-ing" his 'guys' as I nurse Mary to sleep. If I'm in the bath with Mary, 9 times out of 10 he will climb in with us. He likes to snuggle right up to me when I read to him at bedtime. He adores his older brother and is incredibly gentle with his baby sister. He's really into drawing lately, and today drew a perfect heart on shrinky dink paper for me. Even with everything going on right now (Mary's heart, my health, Scott's job, his dad dying), these days with Sam (and of course, Charlie and Mary, too) are the happiest of my life.

Scott and I started a birthday tradition many years ago. It stemmed from the fact that our birthdays are only 10 days apart, and we used to go out to eat a lot. Back then, if asked where I wanted to go out for dinner, I would always choose Maggiano's. So, we started this thing where we each had to choose a restaurant to go to for the other person's birthday, but it had to be a place that person hadn't yet gone. It also helped if it was sort of a sacrificial choice - i.e. I would choose a seafood restaurant for Scott, even though I. hate. seafood. Or Scott would take me into Chicago even though he hates driving down there (and one time a valet took his car for a joyride!). The birthday person has to drive in the car with his or her eyes closed. It really is a lot of fun, even when they are flops. We've gone to some really spectacular places as well. We started doing this for Charlie the year he turned 6, and went ahead and surprised Sam this year. Even though our kids are pretty good/adventurous eaters, we've tried to choose places that are more of an experience rather than superb food. Sam was prett happy when we showed up for this tonight -
Technically, Sam has already been to Lucky Strike, but that was in Denver, almost 2 years ago. Despite the blizzard - tonight was a lot of fun.

Oh, Sam, so sweet. My middle child. I hope you are more normal than I. So far, so good. I love you, Bones.


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Big happy 5 to you!
Kaitlynd and Kelsi

emily said...

sam bones!!
i would've left my christmas lights up in celebration (get it, gabi?) but we hadn't put any up this year.