Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Z's

Today we visited a piece of Lombard history, an old-school, locally owned and family run supermarket~
Mary got right to work while we waited for our tour to begin~ We saw the entire store, starting with some old photographs of Mr. Z's throughout the last 80+ years, from Chicago to Lombard~
Look what we found in the produce aisle~
Here we saw how they weigh and package all of their produce (everything is shrink wrapped on trays that we found out are recyclable!) - they generously shared apples and carrots with our bunch at this stop ~
In the stockroom~
On to the deli, where we enjoyed slices of cheese~
Jesus is my homeboy, too (click on picture to enlarge)~
John Paul's first field trip~
On the loading dock~
Packing some meat - blood and guts, mmmmm~
Mr. Z's is know for "the best meat in town", but I had to step out with Mary after not too long~
In the freezer, with ice cream and icicles! ~
Checking out~
This was a great trip. It was interesting to see how much has changed (and how much has stayed the same) over the last century. Everyone was really friendly and each of the kids left with a little goodie bag and balloon. I would recommend this place to anyone in Lombard-for a tour and for groceries :)

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Anonymous said...

wait a minute, were those cheese slices kraft singles?