Monday, August 3, 2009

Walking In Memphis

Scott, Charlie and Sam took a little road trip to one of their favorite destinations this weekend - the home of the blues. On their way down, they spotted this crop duster, which Charlie took video of, he liked it so much~

Their first night, they caught a Memphis Redbirds game

Afterward they caught some live music on Beale Street~

Little sister is never far from their thoughts~
They pyramid (fitting for a city called Memphis)~
Another game~

Sam getting ready to climb the wall~
He's up! Apparently they didn't let Charlie in on the action~

More live music in the park (they also saw a favorite street artist, who paints with fire and spray paint)~

Another perennial favorite - the street gymnasts~
They always have a blast! Maybe next time Mary and I can go, too :)

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