Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice Cream Shoppe

Wheaton has at least three of these within a block of each other. We were inspired by some friends who live in Oak Park, yet rode the prairie path from Hillside all the way to Wheaton, to do it ourselves (although our trip was a little shorter). They had posted some pictures on facebook of their boys in front of a little ice cream place and we thought we'd like to have some :)When we crossed from Glen Ellyn to Wheaton, however, I wasn't exactly sure where we were going. And honestly, we are in no shape to be riding around in circles. So I called said friend, received exact location of ice cream, and we headed over. Imagine our dismay when we rolled up to the Popcorn Shop, only to find it closed! But then as we were lamenting our foregone ice cream, a little girl and her mother walked by with giant waffle cones. I asked her where she got them, and the lady told us Tate's, although we could also head over to Graham's. But only Tates had bubblegum. So we walked our bikes the half block to Tate's. They have 32 (!) homemade flavors daily. It was worth the ride...and the walk~


splinters and wholeness said...

awww, rick's grandparents met at that very popcorn shop, when it was still a popcorn shop!! i think his grandpa worked there or something. rick and his cousins used to call it The Tiniest Candy Shop.

Anonymous said...

The ice cream looks good but not as delicious as the kids. Mary's smile speaks volumes. It looks like she might have forced Sam to switch. Small cup vs. bigger cup.

Lori Nawyn said...

What cute kiddos, and the ice cream looks great!