Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Carlson Group

We had Scott's company picnic today. It was at a park right near our house. He brought home some custom t-shirts earlier in the week, but they didn't have one small enough for Mary. Scott was able to get me the graphic, so I made her a matching onsie.
It was great fun! They had 'kids vs. adults' kickball, bags, water balloons (and guns), watermelon seed spitting contest, and tons of food! When the ice-cream truck rolled by, Scott's boss bought some for everyone - I think that's every kid's dream come true - being told they're getting ice cream from the truck without having to beg :)
This is a much smaller company than the one Scott used to work for, but TCG seems to truly believe in an appropriate work/life balance. Hooray!

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