Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chicago's Bravest vs. Military All-Stars

We were at the Standard Bank Stadium tonight, to watch Uncle Dan play against the Military All-Stars. Mary wore her only "sportswear"~
Dan told Charlie and Sam if they brought their helmets, they could be bat boys - of course we all know who took him up on his offer~
Sam also got to hit the first ball of the game - a home run~

Charlie didn't have a helmet that fit him, but he was happy shagging foul ball that made it out of the park~
Sam with his godfather~
Dan's the manager for the team, but sometimes he plays (you can catch Sam at the end, doing his job)~

One day, this little girl is going to be so tired of bleachers. For now, though, she's a good sport~
Mary was happily entertained most of the night by Max, Dan's sister's little boy~
And then at the end, her first fireworks show - in the beginning, she wasn't sure she liked them, but ended up oohing and aahing eventually~

It was a great time! The tickets cost what baseball should - and your admission helps a good cause, too :) It's definitely worth the trip to see these guys play!

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