Friday, July 10, 2009

Anyone who says only sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain~

We had a park day with our friends from R.O.C.K. We always meet at the perennial favorite, Seven Gables, in Wheaton. This time, with rain threatening, I was afraid we'd be the only ones there. Luckily, we had a friend along, so even if no one else showed up, the boys could still enjoy a game of tag. The rain did end up coming, but so did several other families! We homeschoolers are a hearty bunch~
They stopped their (co-ed, multi-aged) game of tag long enough to get some group photos on the awesome climbing structure. Say, "cheese"~
Say, "rain" ~
Say, "homeschooling rocks"~
Say, "enough with the pictures already, lady"~
Here's little John Paul. I started calling him Swee'Pea, because he looked so funny crawling out into the rain while we were ignoring him~
Almost there~
Olive Oyle is none the wiser (Rhonda, I think I see a very clever Halloween costume in your future)~
Of course, Mary enjoyed the rain just as much as the big kids~

And the moms enjoyed a really lovely visit, too :) The rain actually made the park day - we all went home happy and smelling like wet dog!

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Anonymous said...

it really was fun. i think my boys only know that park in the rain. we've been there twice and both times it rained. they had to strip for the ride home but they were so happy! thanks for the pics --jp