Friday, July 3, 2009

Waste of Lombard

Scott suggested we take the kids over to Taste of Lombard tonight, for fun and dinner. (Every year I wonder where the trailer park in Lombard is. And believe me, we're hillbillies ourselves, but seriously! I'm surprised they don't have anyone selling feather roach clips and decorated mirrors...)

The weather was perfect, about 65 degrees, no bugs or rain! Luckily, we live near one of the shuttle bus stops, so we don't have to worry about parking :) We ended up buying food from one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants (as opposed to the carney-type crap they mostly sell). Whatever happened to having community "tastes" actually showcase local eateries? Anyhow - after dinner we listened to a little music, but the highlight was definitely the rides...

Sam started with the tilt-a-whirl, while Charlie took a spin on 1001 Nachts. Mary was a happy spectator, at first...
The boys wanted to try the glider together ~
This picture is dark, but Sam's huge, excited grin is perfect in it~
And this picture is important, because it shows how Sam's feet don't even reach the edge of the ride! He barely made the height requirement, and as soon as I saw how little he looked, I started having serious second thoughts...
But he loved it!

And here he is on the "twisty-wisty" as he called it~

And Mary, on her second turn on the carousel - she loved it!

It was a fun, albeit expensive, night - I'm glad it only comes once a year!

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