Wednesday, July 22, 2009

County Fair

We made our annual trek to the county fair today. Charlie didn't want to enter a Lego creation this time, but we still found plenty to do. First stop, lunch just inside the gate~
While we watched a wood-carver~
We found Sam's favorite area again - the tractor ride (he rode a lot, which is okay with me, since before I know it, he'll be too big)~
Mary helping to sort various processed foods, into the bin with the whole food used as it's main ingredient (I wonder how many yuppies would shop at a store called "Processed Foods" if only it were over-priced and marketed right:)~
Breast milk - for baby cows~
Sam couldn't stay away from the tractors - but this time he gave Mary a ride~
Cute kids~
Other than admission (which we got for free thanks to our library's summer reading program), everything was free. Definitely consider going next year - there is a ton to do and see~
Mmmmm, bacon~
I always wanted a pet goat~
The best "treat" the fair offers - homemade cream puffs, from the Knights of Columbus. Yummy, and supporting a good cause (so much better than "carney food")~
Sam working the corn shucker~

This area was Charlie's favorite (he really wants a lizard of his very own - we're working on it). Mary touched a snake, and cried~

We saw this last year, too. It's really cool - an aquarium on wheels with most of the fish native to Illinois swimming in it~
So long, Bess! See you next year~

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