Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Good Things...

After both boys played today, baseball season is officially over for our family. And what an exciting season it was! Sam finally had his All-Star game~

These pictures are really washed out - it was very sunny today! But this one is so sweet of the boys during the Star Spangled Banner~
Mary in the bleachers...
Scott caught this of Charlie coaching third while Sam was on base~
After Sam's game, we ran home to eat, before heading back for the first game in Charlie's playoffs. Cheering section~
Although Mary is getting a little restless~
And Maddi was happy to spot her on the 'beam' ~
Mary is almost 2, and it's showing. She doesn't want any help, with anything~
Charlie's game was very close. They started off strong, but came into the last inning down a couple of runs. The Mets were starting to rally, but by the time Charlie was at bat, they had two outs. He popped up the ball, which was caught, bringing a disappointing end to the season. Honestly though, both boys had an amazing season - we saw a lot of improvement in each of them. We're still debating on whether or not to play fall ball...
Mary, though, is ready to say "so long" to the game~

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