Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art

We took advantage of the free admission today, with the Merricks. We caught the 8:45 train into the city (which is bright and early for homeschoolers!)~
After over a mile and a half walk in the dreary cold, we warmed up with hot tea and our lunch in the museum cafe. Our first stop was the koi pond, at the bottom of the staircase. Everyone was mesmerized~
There were eight fish, so each child 'claimed' one~
We then headed upstairs, taking time to view the Calder collection. A favorite, though, was the Eliasson exhibit (no photography is allowed in the galleries, so no photos of Charlie or Sam's expressions of wonder ;)
The museum isn't actually all that big, and there were a lot of very delicate displays, so we didn't spend a huge amount of time perusing the art. We did stop on our way out at the "creation station" the museum has set up for kids every Tuesday. There each child had fun making a little 'contemporary' terrarium~
We lucked out again because the Streeterville Farmer's market was also on the MCA plaza~
Like I said earlier, it was a long walk from the train to the museum - and we did it both ways. Before we headed back, we stopped at the Seneca playlot, and let the kids enjoy some undirected running around (this park was really nice, with a beautiful, shaded path leading to two really nice play structures). They were all troopers on the way back, while I told Rhonda around the mile mark, not to let me talk her into skipping the bus next time. I was pushing Mary, Sam and Julia in the stroller, but still...

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