Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Lake

We returned home tonight from our trip to Blue Lake. Blue Lake is a fine arts camp in western Michigan which offers a Suzuki family camp. This was a fun opportunity for Sam to work on his cello while the rest of us enjoyed swimming, biking, and crafts :)

Six thirty am on Sunday morning~
We realized as we were leaving that the last time we woke Mary this early was the day of her surgery. She is still all smiles~
Daddy, our fearless chauffeur~
Four hours later, we made it! Sam found a little friend right away~
There are several rustic building where sessions are held. It's really beautiful to walk through the woods and hear all the music~
Mary checking out the pool~
The boys - always playing some sport involving a ball~
The camp is located right on the shore of Little Blue Lake~

Our main mode of transportation were our bikes (and occasionally our feet). But Mary loves riding~
Of course, what would a trip anywhere be without ice cream?
Mary gets a bedtime story with John, while the big kids played capture the flag near our cabin~
On the second night, Sam was chosen from over 200 students, to be one of only sixteen to perform in the honor recital~
I don't think I say it enough, but we are so proud of him. I can't imagine getting up in front of a huge crowd and playing an instrument~

Sam's teacher from home, Mrs. Ourada, along with a favorite from blue Lake, Paul~

Another great teacher, Andrea~
The last afternoon, there is a performance with the entire camp. It's kind of like being at Ravinia, with the huge bandshell~

Although, the food left something to be desired, and the sleeping accommodations were not entirely suitable for our family (only twin beds - not much room for Mary and I to co-sleep), we all had a great time! I think as Mary gets older, it will only get easier and more enjoyable. We'll probably try to go again next summer :)

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