Wednesday, June 10, 2009

R.O.C.K. End of Year Picnic

Today was the annual 'end of year' picnic with our catholic homeschool group. It's always at this awesome private lake where one of our members lives. There is a sandy beach for swimming, and fishing, and boating. Along with picnic shelters and a really nice playground. This is by far, one of my favorite homeschool groups that we've been a part of. It is filled with catholic families who are truly living the faith. And all the mothers are incredibly friendly, and welcoming of even us catholic-wannabes.

We had a special guest at today's picnic - Father Moses Mwaniki Gitau from Angola. One of the R.O.C.K. members collected some much needed items to ship to war torn Angola last year, so we were lucky enough to have Father Moses speak to our group about his journey, and progress in the country~
Afterwards, the kids enjoyed more fun in the sun (after what started out as a stormy, cold day - it was about 50 degrees and heavy downpour when we first got here around 11!)~
Sam, with his pal, Teagan~
And Little Miss Mary, watching from the safety of the dock~
It was great fun, and I had an encouraging time catching up with all the moms.

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