Friday, June 19, 2009

I have set my rainbow in the clouds...

We had quite a storm tonight. It was fun to watch, until Daddy convinced us to step away from the window. We saw this tree branch came down right across our front steps~
Once the storm passed, we headed outside to assess the damage. Mary with our neighbor, going to fetch some more umbrellas~
All the guys hacking away at another large tree that was blocking someones driveway. The tree belongs to the same people who suffered really terrible damage during last year's storm~
Mary loved the rain~
After everything settled down, I ran to the library to grab a couple of books for our upcoming trip to Blue Lake. As I turned onto Main Street, I was blown away by a beautiful rainbow. I called Scott and he tried to grab a shot of it. It wasn't as bright from our house, but you can see a bit of it here~
It really was breathtaking when I saw it - people were commenting about it in the library.

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very pretty rainbow. its nice that the storm always ends with peace.