Saturday, April 10, 2010

City of Chicago Pipeband

Charlie has been taking bagpipe lessons for almost 2 years. About 9 months ago, he started receiving instruction from members of the City of Chicago Pipe Band. Amie has been his teacher since before Christmas. Our whole family loves her~
We finally got to see the band in action tonight. They had their Spring Dance/Fundraiser at the Irish American Heritage Center. We had a blast. Charlie took this video~

Charlie's friend Charlie was supposed to go with us, but he got sick in the car and had to go home. It turned out okay though -Charlie and I had a fun time together, just the two of us. On our way home (almost midnight) we drove by the house Charlie first lived in. We even saw our "friends" - the deer Scott and I used to see on our way home from bowling in the big open field down the street from us.

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