Sunday, April 18, 2010

Choo Choo Charlie

I have a problem with collecting books that feature characters with the same names as my children. When taking Charlie to 2 Toots this afternoon for his free birthday meal, I was reminded of this book. It actually isn't a very good book, but I was compelled to buy it when Charlie was just a baby and I spotted it at garage sale. Charlie is no longer a baby. He really is growing into a wonderful young man. Up until he was about 3 years old, Scott and I used to refer to him as "Blue" or "the Blue" as in, "where's the Blue?" or "What time did Blue wake up?". We were the only two people who used that nick name. Now we have all broken down and sometimes refer to him as "Chuck" or even "Chuckie", thanks to Mary. She calls him "her Chuckie"~
In two days, Charlie will be 11!


Nicki said...

You know the show Charlie And Lola? In this picture they kinda look like them! There's another Charlie for your collection!

Chris said...

We just took our twins to Toots Grill in Downers Grove for their 4 year old birthday dinner a few weeks ago! I can't even think about the kids turning 11. I don't want the time to fly by that fast.