Monday, September 6, 2010

Rollicking Good Time

Because we left Michigan a day early (and had a day to recuperate), we were able to take advantage of some free tickets to the Bristol Renaissance Faire a friend had given us. We walked in just in time to catch the Mud Show~
This year, Mary was really excited to try the pony ride again~
She stayed on (and smiled) the entire time~
Mary then spotted the giant dill pickles, and had to have one (she loved the garlic) ~
Peace, love, and happiness~
Eagle eyes spotted this turtle~
This year Sam wanted to scale the walls of the castle~
40 Feet~
Sam's shadow~
There is so much to do and see, and most of it is family friendly, like the parade~
Both boys wanted to try the bungee again~

If money and space were no object, we would definitely have one of these in our back yard~

Always a favorite, the falconry show~
The princess in her tower~
We had a late lunch, then headed home. It was the perfect official end to summer~

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