Friday, July 2, 2010

Naperville RibFest

Scott got complimentary tickets from someone he works with for the Naperville RibFest. They included entry into the "sponsor's tent", which included free food (ribs for the adults/hot dogs for the kids), beer, wine, soda and ice cream. There was also a preferential parking pass. It definitely was a fantastic deal. Even if Mary was crabby as soon as we go there~
She cheered up when we stopped in the family area. Everything was included in admission. There was a petting zoo~
Brave Mary~
There were several bounce houses, and various rides. Mary is watching her brothers on the euro-bungy~
The boys waited almost an hour for their turn. It was definitely worth it~

Sam and Mary stopped by a clown for some balloons~
Mary requested a green flower~
The Great Svengoolie~
It was really a lot of fun. Scott wished he had enough energy to stay for Sammy Hagar - but we were all pretty tired by the time we left.

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