Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plantation of Trees

Charlie has been participating in a science workshop this week. Today is his last day, and there is a presentation for parents at the conclusion. So we decided to stay in Lisle while we waited for him to finish. We visited the Morton Arboretum with the Peseks and some new friends.

It was really hot, but there were ways to cool off~

Aaron had fun exploring~
It's really pretty here - I wish we visited more often~
The web~
I guess technically she's not a toddler~

After all the running, jumping, climbing, and bug collecting, this fox pelt was the thing they couldn't get enough of~
Everyone wanted a turn wearing it~

Add VideoAnd then everyone wanted a turn being attacked by it~

I love how the facial expression of the attacked are all the same~
One part fear, 2 parts glee~

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