Monday, July 26, 2010

Lightning Win! Lightning Win!

After driving to Homer Glen the last 7 days or nights, plus a terrible storm complete with high mile winds whipping sand into our faces on Friday, the Lightning won the tournament!!!!
This is when they were one game out. They had just won~
And here is the winning pitch for the championship game~

It was REALLY exciting!!! We had to wait an extra 40 minutes while the teams playing for 3rd and 4th place played extra innings (that was an even more exciting game) ~
These boys were so proud of themselves~

It was a very close game~
Uncle Dan came out and got to see a big win~
Sam with his new friend, Michael~

Mary always has to get in on the action (no matter how late ;) ~

Way to go, Sammy!! Way to go, Lightning! Even though this felt like the longest baseball week ever, it was worth it!

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