Thursday, July 22, 2010

Revenge of the Chicken

It's county fair time!
This year for our annual trip, Sam decided to bring out an oldie, but a goody~
It decided to rain a bit while we were there today~
But that didn't stop us from having lots of fun~
Sam loves these tractors every year. He is almost too big for them~
Mary and Sam liked the baby chicks~
They all had fun with the fishing game, courtesy of the Dupage County Forest Preserve~
Nice catch~
This poor sheep~
Although he seemed to like it~
This giant fish tank on wheels is there every year, too. It's pretty cool because it has all the native Illinoisan fish to see~
Baby cow separated from its mother~
Mary liked the reptiles and amphibians~
It's funny, because we do the exact same things every year, and the kids never get tired of it~
This year, we had front row seats to the pig races~
And of course, we love walking through the animal exhibits~
This turkey probably weighs more than Mary~
Oh irony!
This kid was very smart and really personable. He didn't want us to leave, so he kept showing us new tricks with his chicken~

I am so glad my children are braver than I~
Much braver~
We love the county fair!!

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