Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rock Bottom Brewery

A couple of weeks ago, while out to dinner with some homeschooling friends, we had the idea to see if Rock Bottom would give our kids a tour. As we were leaving that day, I got the name of the guy that gave the tours, and surprisingly easily, set up a little field trip.

Today we met with Tim Marshall, Brewmaster. He was great with all the kids, and chickens...

He told us he graduated with a degree in Radio and Broadcasting, but he was waiting tables while trying to "break-in" to the business. At some point, the position of Assistant Brewmaster opened up, eventually leading to Head Brewmaster at the Lombard location. Tim is in charge of everything having to do with the actual brewing, from the flavor combinations, to the growing of the yeast, to the naming of the brews. He names them after old friends from high school, or songs he likes, even his mom and dog!
This was the first time ever that kids took a tour...
And chickens...

We got to see everything -
Here we are waiting to sample Rock Bottom's Root Beer and flavored soda - this month was "Sno Cone". Tim even gave the moms some samples of some grown up beer! Ah, homeschooling has it's privileges ;)

Did you know that all beers have only 4 ingredients? Water, malt, hops and yeast. And from the different combinations, and roasting the hops for different amounts of times, and also where the ingredients come from, all the flavor varieties are produced. Very cool! And tasty.

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Sam, Sam, the Chicken Man!

He loves that costume!!