Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Summer's lease hath all too short a date." ~William Shakespeare

We've been taking advantage of this near perfect weather (after some pretty torrential rains). On Sunday, Scott, Charlie and Sam caught a White Sox double header, thanks to tickets from Tina.

On Monday, we headed over to Churchill Woods for some fishing with friends. Because of the torrential rains mentioned above, the river was really high. Thankfully, our kids are very industrious, and shared one pair of boots to portage everyone from the bank to a marooned picnic table. Eventually they gave in to the call of the wild and just got wet~

Here are the same friends (with an addition, or two) this afternoon, following our Nature Hike for Homeschoolers with Ranger Kev~
Being silly~
Sam finally joined the picture when I called for bunny ears~
We'll probably be indoors at least from 1-3 tomorrow, for Homeschool Skate, but then it's back outside again to enjoy these last days of summer.


Anonymous said...

You have the luckiest kids in the world! What a life!

By the way, Mary looks like same in that picture.

tracy said...

How can I get copies of those photos?