Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Replogle Globes

Today we visited the Replogle Globe factory in Broadview. Grandma actually took the boys, and we met them there after Mary's doctor's appointment. According to Charlie and Sam it was really interesting to see how they actually put the globes together. They saw each step, from start to finish.

Here's Charlie afterwards (Sam is camera shy lately)~
In front of the big sign (again, no Sam)~
Rhonda tried to sneak out with a globe under her shirt~
The company gave each of the children a free "wonda-globe" - see it being used below as an old-fashioned GPS~
There was no charge for the tour, and they gave everyone the globes mentioned above, as well as a wall map of North America - what a generous company! Be sure to look for the Replogle brand the next time you're shopping :)

After the tour, we headed over to a nearby forest preserve with some friends to enjoy our lunch and the nice weather~


Anonymous said...

LOL - - "Rhonda sneaking out with a globe" She does look like she has a globe under her shirt. Obvious - - but funny!

You are right - - a very generous company. They should be applauded.


Steve and Janna said...

Hey Gabi - where are they located? I'd love to do a tour there - Joe loves maps.