Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleeping Bear Dunes

For the 4th year in a row, we made our way up to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. We all really love it up there, but I especially like going, because my own dad took my sister and me when we were kids. This year we knew it was going to be a bit more challenging with a 9 month old along, and Grandma had been asking to go for years, so we all crammed into the old Venture for a 6 hour drive up the "coast".

First up, canoeing down the Platte River (Sam is just left of center in this shot)~

Mary trying ice cream after waiting patiently for everyone to return from their river ride~
Sam ordered Butter Pecan, which ended up usurping Bear claw as everyone's perennial favorite~
The polar bear enjoying some mint chocolate chip while his "winter coat" grows in~

Grandma basking in the late afternoon Michigan sun~
Another of our girl~

While canoeing, Sam was attacked by a "Bleach" (that's leech/bloodsucker to the rest of you)~
At the dune climb~
Last year Sam made the entire 4 hour round trip walk to the shore - this year he stayed back and hung with the girls~

"Another picture, Mom??"
Enjoying the beautiful weather - Sam happily entertained himself much of the day~

Charlie on the sand bar~
Mary's all tuckered out~
I love my boys~
World's Best Dad - building sand castles~
and helping Mary eat an apple in the water~
Mary also ate a lot of sand this weekend (serious pica) - here I think we caught her with a rock in her mouth~
Watching the monkeys run in the water~
They ran like this for at least 45 minutes - I'm so glad they're such good friends~

Charlie called this sculpture "Root Beer Canyon" ~
Wild turkeys at the campground (we also saw a couple of deer our first night, and a muskrat while canoeing)~
Mary being silly our last night~
The family bed - camp style~
The boys also spent some time fishing (didn't catch anything) on Loon Lake, and we picked 7 quarts(!) of blueberries our last morning there. It was great fun!

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Anonymous said...

taking three kids camping whilst suffering from insomnia? all kudos go to you.
also, i didnt know mary was a boy!!!! (picture of scott holding her)