Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Night Lights

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather today, and rode our bikes up to the library. It was hot!
Charlie, too cool for photos~
Now, that's hot ;) ~
Happy now, my dear, but you've still got a couple of miles 'til home...and your nap~
And tonight we caught our first football game of the season. Living so close to the high school definitely has its advantages (easy parking :). It was Homecoming, complete with half-time entertainment, and fireworks (Mary's first time seeing them - she was mesmerized)!

Sam, agreeing to a photograph (wearing his Notre Dame shirt)~

Mary's favorite thing - pulling up~
Yes, they're all related~

Sam, Mary and I came home after halftime, but Charlie and Scott stayed 'til the end, and the Rams victory!

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