Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Visit to the Wade Center

Today after Sam's cello lesson, we stopped by Wheaton College's Wade Center to see the exhibit, Pauline Baynes: A Lifetime of Illustration.

In front of the wardrobe that was C.S. Lewis' inspiration~
A nice painting of Aslan, by a Wheaton college student~
Charlie's favorite - the map of Narnia~
This looks good~
On my "to read" list~
Detail of wardrobe drawers~
If only~
And outside in the lovely "english" garden~
A small collection, to be sure, but worth stopping by for, if you're in the area.
On our way home, I almost hit a deer! The first I saw of it, was in front of my car. It was literally a couple of inches from my front bumper (I heard it's hooves). I have terrible reflexes, and only the deer's speed saved it. I didn't even break after the fact :( The kids were oblivious, too, and only realized what was happening by my shriek.
And as if that weren't enough drama for one day, Charlie started howling abruptly after dinner. He was screaming that his eye hurt - completely out of the blue. We looked and saw nothing. We tried flushing it with water and saline solution. An hour and a half later, with no end in sight, Charlie, Mary and I headed over to the urgent care center. We figured, better to go at 8pm than at midnight. We saw the doctor after about 1/2 hour (not quite as quick as the "no-wait" emergency room). He looked at Charlie's eye, saw some artificial "up and down" scratches on his cornea, and then turned Charlie's eyelid inside out. Underneath there, causing all that pain, was an unidentified crying object. It was about a quarter the size of a pencil eraser. The doctor thought it might be a leaf or something. We have no idea how it happened. But Charlie felt immediately better just having it removed. We left after an hour with a prescription for some antibiotic drops.

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