Sunday, July 20, 2008

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Well, my camera is being repaired. It needs a part though, so it will probably be another week. In the meantime, our chicks are due in a couple of days, so Rhonda lent us her camera to capture the joyous event!

This week we went swimming and to the zoo. Charlie and Sam had a sleep-over at an old friend's house (they swam there, too). And Charlie played chess and baseball.

Today we headed over to the Morton Arboretum to catch the big bug exhibit before it left.

Tonight Scott was planning to try and catch Buddy Guy at Legends for his CD release party. The boys and I were going to watch a movie and head to bed. Before dinner though, Scott and Charlie played a little game of "flinch", which ended when Charlie shot a pencil into Scott's eye. So we all took a field trip instead:

That's the best I could do - he actually has a tiny cut from the pencil tip.

The culprit.

Munchhausen's by proxy - Sam told us on the drive home that he wishes he could have his tonsils removed, and he went to bed with an Ace bandage wrapped around his wrist.

Thankfully, some friends told us of a nearby hospital with a "no-wait" ER. They really were fast - we were in and out in less than an hour!

This week - more swimming, park -days, doctor's appointment for Mary, baseball, cello, bagpipes, and a couple of BBQ's. Oh, and don't forget the chicks! They'll be in their brooding box by Friday, at the latest. And in our bellies by December.

I'm kidding!

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