Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Millennium Park

Today we took the train into Chicago. Our friends, The Merricks, came along, too. We played in the sprinkler, ate lunch on the green, and admired The Bean. It was really relaxing - there was classical music being broadcast and the weather was perfect. We then happened upon the Family Fun Fest - the kids made a couple of neat seed/garden crafts and played with some hoola hoops. Next we headed over to NBC Tower to visit Mr. Merrick at work - he's the last one from his company still working on a project there, so he had an entire 1/2 floor to himself. This was probably the highlight of the day - as the kids ran from cubicle to cubicle, calling one another, and eating ice cream bars! We then hoofed it back to Ogilvie station, just in time to miss our train - waiting the half hour for the next one gave everyone a chance to rest/cool off/have a snack. We finally made it on to our train, where the older children headed upstairs, while Rhonda and I, along with a sleeping Julia and a charming Mary, stayed below. Daddy was waiting at the station for us after a long day, and he thoughtfully suggested picking up Chinese food for dinner :)

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Rhonda said...

The kids had a lot of fun pretending they were climbing a wall (the floor they're laying on).