Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sam has been waiting all season for the "game ball". The last time Sam had a game, the coach told him he would receive it the next time they played - he was saving the best for last. Sam's coach told Scott that if he based it purely on skill, then Sam would have gotten it at every game.

Sam truly is an exceptional athlete - if we could, we would have him in a division of older children. However, that's not allowed. So, he's still playing with kids that sit in the middle of the outfield or spin circles/dance/walk over by their mom/run away from the ball while playing first base - you know, typical 5 year olds. Not Sam, though. He takes this game very seriously. Earlier in the season, when he was not chosen for the game ball, I was trying to console him in the car on the way home. I explained to him, that everyone needed a turn, and that it's not always about who does the best, but a matter of who is trying their best. "Even if they're awful?" was Sam's reply. Don't worry - he's a very good sport when with his team. But man, we sure are glad his time finally came!

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Anonymous said...

Way 2 go Sammy!

Love Grandpa