Friday, June 6, 2008

Air Bud

There was face painting at the library today...

Sam is the one who made the connection - between the baseball Charlie chose and the puppy he chose - just like the movie!

They also caught a White-Sox game this evening, with daddy and a friend of Charlie's. This was in lieu of a (friend)party for Charlie's 9th birthday. Scott said it was the best game he had ever been to. When I asked him why, he told me he just really enjoyed watching the boys hang out together.

Mary and I had a fun girl's night out at Tina's "What Not to Wear" party. The stylist was very anti-capri :(

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MaPi said...

Um...any stylist that comes to lombard is not Stacy or Clint! I think you can wear capris with a nice heel or an esparadille. I also think that bermuda shorts are very cute and flattering on women, but you can't cut your leg off especially if you are short (like me) so add some height with a nice heel. I think you can wear any pants as long as they make your butt look nice and they don't give you camel toe.