Saturday, July 12, 2008


My camera is broken. When I turn it on, the lens does not open up and I get a "lens error" message. It is not the battery, I'm sure. No, really, I'm positive it's not the battery. I have googled "Nikon lens error trouble shoot" and have tried what was suggested, to no avail.

Without photos as inspiration, I am hard pressed to blog. But here, in words only, is a quick recap of our week:

Sunday night the boys watched Madeline in her All-Star game and then had an unplanned sleep-over at Aunt Darlene's.

Monday they came home just in time for Charlie's traveling baseball team practice.

Tuesday we headed over to a shiny new waterpark with friends.

Wednesday Sam had his very first cello lesson!

Thursday Charlie started bagpipe lessons, we caught a ventriloquist performance at the library, and had a surprise dinner/sleep-over guest of our own. Scott and I candled all 24 eggs, as well. We are pretty sure 14 are fertile, we saw at least 4 chicks swimming! This time last year, I was pregnant with a little swimmer of my own ;)

Friday we spent most of the day with our R.O.C.K. friends at an awesome park in Wheaton, and Charlie had his first travel team game (they lost :( ).

Today, more baseball, along with discovering my camera no longer works.

Tomorrow, try and find someplace to fix my camera on a Sunday, after church.


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emily said...

someone once touched our pop-out lense with something sticky (when we first got it of course) and we had to do this "blowing hot breath into the camera" at the same time as turning it on, and it would come out. in order to not have the lens be foggy then, you had to suck air back out after it opened. we did this like fools for at least a year, but it works fine now. good luck!