Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Policeman, a duck and a spook walk into a bar...

Scott took the kids to Lombard's Halloween Fest this afternoon. After many false starts (Michael Jackson and Elvis to name a few) Sam decided to be a policeman after we saw a cool costume. Mary has had her mind set on being a duck for a while. I found a size 12 - 24 months one for under $10 at Kmart, and thought it might fit. Even though is was obviously too small, she really wanted that costume. And Charlie is a spook. When he told me what his plans were, I hesitated, before asking him what a spook looked like to him. I was relived when he told me it was a character from a book, who acted like a sort of "good" grim reaper~
Mary believes that every photo shoot must include a "silly-face" shot~

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