Monday, October 11, 2010

Sears Tower

Yes, I know it's the Willis Tower now. But just like the place where the White Sox place will always be Comiskey, and Pluto will always be a planet, the tallest building in the United States will always be the Sears Tower~
It was our first time taking even the boys (we had a tiny bit of sticker shock) ~
But there is something indescribable about looking out on our little corner of the world from this vantage point~
Charlie and Mary didn't want to step onto the glass observation block, but Sam did (briefly) ~
And Daddy~
Very, very cool~

I like this one because you can see the tower's shadow~
I didn't realize that they had lots of fun Chicago history stuff to look at on the observation deck, too~
The reigning, and future, jazz trumpet greats~

We walked around a bit, and then had lunch at Pot Belly. It was a perfect day - and I was glad Scott could join us in the middle of the week.

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