Friday, December 3, 2010

Discovery Center Museum - Rockford

When we were at the Scarecrow Festival, we saw a cool exhibit about our solar system by the Rockford Children's Museum. They were also giving out buy 1, get 1 free admission coupons, so today we finally made the drive and checked out the place~
Attached to the back of the museum is a really neat playground with all sorts of "exhibits" built into the equipment. The kids played out there for a short while (I stayed inside where it was warm), but it will definitely be worth a second trip to check out further.

We spent a lot of time at this centrifugal force exhibit - trying to get all the accessories to stay on the turn-table. We did it once, for about 2 seconds~
On the second level, they had the most awesome pretend area I've ever seen. Ginny's House was great - Mary could have spent several days there~
While Mary explored the house and garage (complete with a car to work on) the boys checked out the Body Shop and the Science and Sports~
Sam at the pitching clock~

Another really cool exhibit was the veterinarian's office (complete with real x-rays of various animals). Dr. Mary was on call~
Heart and soul~
Believe it or not, this is the first time we've seen a plasma ball~

Tornado machine~

As usual, because it was a weekday in the middle of the afternoon, we pretty much had the run of the museum. I love that my kids can keep trying things as many times as they want, or look at exhibits for as long as they need to really comprehend what's going on, rather than being jostled in the crowd and having to wait forever. We are really blessed having the freedom to homeschool.

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