Thursday, December 9, 2010

MSI - Weather

We had some passes to the Museum of Science and Industry that I wanted to use before Christmas break (to avoid the crowds). We wanted to check out the Jim Henson exhibit (somewhat disappointing) and I wanted the kids to take a closer look at the exhibit on space exploration~
Which they loved~

But what I didn't realize was that the museum also has an awesome new exhibit "Science Storms", which is all about weather phenomena~
The boys had a lot of fun creating tsunami waves. And thanks to all the amazing technology, they used their "Sci-passes" to record what they were doing, which then was available on the world wide web when we got home~

These cars ran on solar power~
After a run to the bathroom, Mary was awestruck by the giant Christmas tree~
We love a good plasma ball~

We experienced an indoor lightning storm under a giant Tesla coil~
In the wind tunnel - 80 mph winds~
No biggie~
We love Jolly Ball~
And mindball - Charlie beat Sam. But I smoked Charlie~
The younger you are, the more active your brain is. The docent was impressed with how well Sam and Charlie both did, though. He said most kids really don't have the self control necessary to relax for any significant amount of time. But they held out for over a minute. Of course they loved all the other exhibits in "You! The Experience", especially the hamster wheel.

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