Monday, January 31, 2011

8 Really is Great!

My little boy just keeps getting bigger - today Sam is 8!
We had a busy day planned, with a trip to the National Weather Center in Joliet. We saw lots of weather measuring equipment like a rain gauge and a weather balloon (the meteorologist assured us it is not big enough for a toddler to ride in) ~
Satellite images~
This is where they decide to play with our minds. Actually, they were quite busy today, preparing for the Blizzard of 2011, on it's way in. We're expecting the most snowfall since 1978!
Can't get enough of the "action" ~
Check out those blue skies behind us. Not a flurry in sight~
We stopped for a birthday lunch (it's Joshua's 9th, as well) at a little BBQ joint I found. It was small, but the food was great, and there were lots of cool pics on the walls of blues greats~

Even with only 10 of us, Jacqueline made a cake for each birthday boy (pistachio, and chocolate pumpkin) ~
Nine is fine~
I love his smile~
Someday the boys will get to blow out their own candles again, but for now they accommodate their little sister~
Quite a birthday - an awesome field trip, good food, and great friends~

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