Saturday, January 1, 2011

The merry year is born~

We do the same (safe) thing on New Year's Eve every year. Games, movies, with homemade pizzas (and sundaes for dessert)~
Sam made a smiley face with lots of pepperoni, and a yellow pepper strip~
After dinner, it was time for our annual event - The Polar Dash!!! Mary was old enough to really get it, and we are in a day or two of unseasonably warm weather. The snow is all melted~
Charlie took some convincing - he thought he was too cool. I told him that I dream of him someday telling his wife, "But I do it every year with my brother!"
Because it was so warm, the kids ran a few laps around the back yard, instead of just to the fence and back~
After they came in and took some hot baths, we played poker (check out the card shark below), and our favorite, Apples to Apples~
It was a GREAT new year's eve. Grandma and Grandpa both came by, and stayed 'til just past midnight. We got to sleep in a bit this morning, and will probably laze around watching movies and playing games :)

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