Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lake Tahoe

About a month ago, my good friend from high school, Jennifer, called me with a proposition. I'd help her drive from San Fransisco to Lake Tahoe (and check out some lodging options for a party she's planning there in the fall) and she would fly me there and back. I had to think about it - I had never left Mary overnight and I would also need someone to watch the kids while Scott was at work during the day. Scott and my mom both encouraged me to go ahead. It really was the perfect trip, for the perfect amount of time - I would leave early Sunday morning, and return Tuesday night. So I was up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, and took an early morning flight to SFO~
Best views from an airplane~
Jen(ifer) met me at the airport (along with her friend Eduardo), and after dropping him at his house outside of the city, we were on our way.
LinkWe stopped in Napa and had lunch at the Boon Fly Cafe, with more of Jen's friends. The food was fabulous and it was great fun to visit with Marcelle, Laine, Paige and Owen. It's obvious why people love Northern California - it really is a beautiful drive~We rolled into the Hyatt at Incline Village quite late, but were happily surprised when the young woman at the front desk upgraded us to the Regency Club! After settling in to our fabulous room, we got a bite to eat in downstairs. Jen and I stayed up talking 'til the wee hours, only to rise and shine bright and early the next day ~
Before heading out to check some properties, we had a delicious breakfast at the Log Cabin Cafe.
We checked out the beautiful lakefront, and saw some of the world's largest pine-cones. I'm afraid they were more awe-inspiring in person, but this one truly was bigger than Jen's head~
Jen has been telling me for a long time how spectacularly lovely Tahoe is. She's right~What could be better than a beach made of half sand and half snow? I hope the kids get to see this one day soon~
A very cool, albeit dead, little crab~
It's not a matter of just not littering, we really need to stop using so much stuff~View from the Hyatt~
On Tuesday, I ended up missing my flight (yes, I cried - I missed my family) and had a three hour layover at LAX. Outdoor tarmacs always make me feel like I'm in a 1950's movie~This was a GREAT trip! We gambled a bit (and met all the usual characters), ate some great food (including the best Mexican I've ever had, at Lupitas) and enjoyed some of the country's most beautiful scenery. All while laughing - there's something to be said for the easy comfort of an old friend. The kids were fine - Mary didn't even really cry for me (she asked a couple of times, but was content with the reply that I would be home soon). Thanks, Jen!

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